Louise Mary Ferguson was born an artist in the year of 1980 on the afternoon of the 29th of May. It was Drogheda, Ireland where she entered the world, and Dundalk was her home for her 7 youngest years. She moved to Canada in 1988 just before her 8th party, and settled in cute little Oakville with her amazing family. She went to school for many years and decided she must follow her quirky creative side to the art world. her hands were like midas', unfortunately everything she touched turned to paint instead of gold! Maybe one day her luck will change and she can live in happiness earning gold for her paint.

Louise has travelled to far off places to discover new artistic inspirations. In Florence, Italy, she discovered she had the love, and the eye, for photography. She confirmed this new passion by testing out her skills in various European countries, most notably Ireland. Now she is back in Canada and is on her way, at age 26 to making herself into a professional artist.

She spreads her love of art to kids through teaching, and to the music world by sketching at concerts. She is also part of various shows around Toronto, including a very special event called Pop With Brains, a music and art experience at the Rivoli, where she paints bands LIVE as they perform. Entropy is another project which Louise has the pleasure of being part of. An art and music duo involving herself and pianist Jamey Rosen doing improvised visual symphonies.

Thanks for visiting Louise at her home of Art and Music, and thanks for reading a little about her.

Phone: 905-616-4596

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